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Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries in sport are common. The shoulder joints are the most mobile in the body and need to function together correctly to allow a pain-free range of motion. These can be caused by an acute incident or by chronic overuse.

Calcific Tendon Shoulder injuries:

Shockwave therapy can be used to treat chronic calcific tendon issues.

Fracture to the Collar bone or Humerus:


This shoulder injury is caused by falling on an outstretched or collision directly to the shoulder. These injuries are common in impact sports such as rugby, motor sports, cycling and skiing.

Signs and symptoms:

Severe pain, swelling, bruising, and inability to raise the arm.


Following X-ray the bones will need time to heal and realign. The protection of the injury during this time is important. After sufficient healing, physical therapy, stretching and strengthening should commence restoring full pain-free range of motion.

Shoulder Dislocation

Shoulder dislocation can occur with a fall on an outstretched are, blow to the back of the shoulder or forceful shoulder abduction and external rotation. These movements will cause the upper arm bone to come out of the socket of the joint.

Signs and symptoms:

Severe pain, irregular looking shoulder joint. The patient will hold the arm away from the side of the body and turned outwards.


Realignment or reduction of the shoulder.

As the dislocation will cause a stretching of the ligaments some instability of the shoulder may be experienced. Strengthening the rotator cuff muscle to help hold the head of the upper arm into the socket through specific strength rehabilitation. Restoration of shoulder range of motion through mobility exercises.

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