The Recovery Room Sports Injury Clinic deals with the diagnosis, treatment and exercise rehabilitation of sports and general injuries from our clinic in Southampton

James Kirkpatrick Sports Therapist

My name is James Kirkpatrick, I am a Sports Therapist (BSc, MSc, SST, HEA teaching Fellow), Clinical Director at The Recovery Room, and programme leader on a Sports Injury (BSc) degree programme (HEA Fellow). 

I have worked in the sports profession all my life. I have been a professional tennis coach, and I am now a practising sports therapist. 

My passion for teaching, and improving the health and well-being of others, is the reason why I love my job. My clinical experience has developed from my hobbies, as I am known for being a lower limb running injury specialist. 

My special areas of interest include; ,  and chronic overuse injury, as well as, coping with chronic pain. I am also trained in shockwave therapy for chronic tendinopathy.

This is coupled with an enjoyment of all sports, the outdoors, and anything active. I am an avid trail runner and enjoy running distances from half marathons to ultra marathons (38 miles), very very slowly! Being active can have an inherent risk of becoming injured. 

Experiencing this personally has helped me appreciate times of adversity, and how it can make you a better person and stronger performer.

My undergraduate degree in Sports Science (BSc) from the University of Southampton was the start of my career in sport. 

Tennis was my main sport and I qualified as an LTA level 4 coach and have experience of teaching all age and abilities in Romsey, Southampton and Salisbury. 

During this time, my main interest was teaching people the correct techniques and biomechanics to reduce the risk of injury.

By helping people suffer less injury, I realised this interest and qualified with an MSc in Sports Therapy from London Metropolitan University in 2012.

I now work and run a full-time Sports Injury Clinic in Southampton, also treating general aches and pains. With my teaching background.

I clearly explain how you got injured, and what you can do to recover in an optimal timeframe. Although I treat all types of sports injuries, running injuries and lower limb problems are my main areas of interest.

I look forward to meeting you,

James Kirkpatrick (BSc, MSc, SST, HEA Fellow)

Programme Leader and Lecturer in Sports Injury and Treatment (BSc)


My Background & key Skills
Lower Limb Biomechanics 92%
Tendinopathy 79%
Shockwave Therapy 90%
Sports Science (BSc) 100%
LTA Level 4 Coach 77%
MSc in Sports Therapy 100%
Programme Leader and Lecturer in Sports Injury and Treatment (BSc) 97%

Over Years of Experience
2 Degrees & Lecturer
Satisfied Clients

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