Sports Massage

Sports injuries are not uncommon, given the intense physical activity and exertion sports demand. However, these injuries should not be seen as an inevitable part of life.

At our clinic in Southampton, we focus on more than just addressing injuries; we aim to prevent them. Through diagnosing, treating and offering preventative care. Our goal is to ensure you remain active. Embrace a proactive approach to your physical well-being with our sports massage services to keep you performing at your best for the long-term.

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Sports Massage Services

At The Recovery Room, nestled in the vibrant heart of Southampton. Here we redefine sports massage. We offer physical therapies that cater to everyone. 

Whether you’re an active individual or simply someone cherishing a more pain-free life. Our clinic is a sanctuary where advanced deep tissue massage and soft tissue techniques are provided to help dissolve your physical ailments and elevate your well-being.

Seek respite from life’s aches and pains. Rejuvenate post-exercise or find a simple peaceful escape at our clinic at Romsey Golf Course. 

We offer a range of physical therapy services for pain relief, injury prevention. Our massage services are created to align with every individual’s unique needs, transcending the ordinary to support your recovery process.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage delves into your body’s deeper muscle and fascia layers, employing a range of techniques for thorough soft tissue mobilisation and manipulation. Our approach is designed to reach the areas that need it most.


Soft Tissue Massage

Soft Tissue Massage employs gentle strokes to relax muscle and connective tissue layers enhancing circulation and reducing stress. It’s an ideal, less intensive option for promoting relaxation and relieving mild tension.


Myofascial Release

 MFR is a therapeutic technique we focus on relieving pain and restoring motion by releasing tension. This massage is beneficial for clients experiencing chronic pain, tightness, or reduced flexibility.


Trigger Point Massage

Our Trigger Point Massage targets and alleviates muscle knots through precise pressure offering effective pain relief and improved muscle functionality. This is especially beneficial for clients with persistent muscle discomfort.


Sports Massage

Sports Massage is targeted therapy that delves deep into the muscles offering relief from pain, stress and tension. We tailor our intervention to alleviate musculoskeletal discomfort aiding in recovery.

Compression Massage

Compression Massage is a valuable method applied for clients seeking to maintain muscle health and prevent stiffness. Our approach helps in breaking down adhesions and increasing oxygen and nutrient delivery.

Enjoying living an active life

Expert in Sports Massage

We believe in the power of diversity in healing. Our qualified sports therapists are adept at utilising a spectrum of therapeutic message. This ensures that every treatment is as unique as the individuals who walk into the clinic. 

Embracing a variety of techniques, from Myofascial Release to Compression Massage, enables us to provide massage services that address your specific needs. 

Our holistic approach underpins the importance of professional expertise in sports therapy ensuring that every aspect of your well-being is considered. Trust in our clinical understanding of the body’s interconnected systems to guide you towards optimal recovery. 

Why Choose Sports Massage?

Sports massage isn’t just for athletes; it’s for anyone who leads an active lifestyle or has specific muscle issues that need attention. The treatment aims to alleviate muscle tension, improve circulation, and boost athletic performance.

Injury Prevention

Sports massages are a proactive measure to help prevent injuries by focusing on areas that are overused or stressed. They can also speed up recovery and facilitate more effective training.

Pain Relief

If you’re struggling with chronic pain or acute muscle discomfort, sports massage can provide relief by targeting the affected areas.

Performance Enhancement

By focusing on specific muscles and movements involved in your sport or activity, sports massage can help you achieve better performance. For example, if you’re a cyclist, you’ll benefit from specific techniques aimed at releasing tension in the lower back and legs.

What should I expect?

Our initial meeting will be a detailed consultation where we discuss your medical history, activity levels, and specific issues you’re experiencing. This allows us to tailor a sports massage treatment plan specifically for you.

You should wear comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement. You may be asked to remove certain articles of clothing, but your comfort and privacy are our utmost concern.

Each session is tailored to your individual needs. Whether you’re dealing with sore muscles or a chronic injury, we have specialised techniques to help you. For instance, we might incorporate hot stone therapy to facilitate deeper muscle relaxation.

Each sports massage session typically lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, depending on your individual needs and the areas requiring attention.

No, sports massage is beneficial for anyone experiencing muscle tension or discomfort, regardless of their level of physical activity.

A doctor’s referral is generally not required for sports massage unless it’s for insurance purposes or a specific medical condition.

After your sports massage, we provide you with a comprehensive plan to maintain the benefits of the treatment, which can include stretches, exercises, and possibly additional sessions. You might also receive advice on hydration and nutrition to improve your overall well-being.

Some insurance plans cover sports massage as part of physical therapy or complementary treatment. Check with your provider for specific details.

Revitalise Your Body, Elevate Your Game

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