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At The Recovery Room, we assess your injury to understand you, your needs, and the problem. After explaining the nature of your injury, we will offer treatments and follow up appointments if necessary. 

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Palpating arm

Shoulder Injury

Shoulder injuries in sport are common. The shoulder joints are the most mobile in the body and need to function together correctly to allow a

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Elbow Pain

Elbow Injury

Elbow injuries Elbow injuries in sport and daily activities are common. The elbow joint can be injured by repetitive racket sports movement or chronic overuse

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Man having a back pain

Back Pain

When you are in pain, you often guard yourself to protect from further injury.  The protective mechanisms are often exacerbated your symptoms, especially if you

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Easing pain in knee area

Knee Pain

The knee is a complex structure and essential for everyday life. When you suffer from knee pain it is often difficult to walk and will

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Young men surfing in sea

Surfing Injury

The popularity of surfing has a wide range of estimates ranging between 5 and 28 million surfer’s worldwide (surfline). Due to its recreational nature defining

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Fit woman tennis player with injury on a clay tennis court

Tennis Injury

As a former LTA level 4 tennis coach in Salisbury and Southampton areas, I have seen the type of tennis injuries that occur first hand.

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