The Recovery Room Aches, Pains & Sports Injury Clinic

At The Recovery Room Southampton we help to restore your function, regardless of your lifestyle, work or activity levels

The Recovery Room Aches, Pains & Sports Injury Clinic​

At The Recovery Room Southampton, we help to restore your function, regardless of your lifestyle, work, and activity levels. 

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Our Sports Injury Clinic

Sports Injury, Massage & Musculoskeletal Clinic in Southampton

You don’t need to be an athlete to visit The Recovery Room. If you are in pain we can help you live a healthy, pain-free life.

Woman with lower back pain

Back pain can be felt anywhere along your back and body. It’s most common to have pain in your lower back

Joint pain is a very common problem with many possible causes, but it’s usually a result of injury or arthritis

Sports Injuries are commonly caused by overuse, direct impact, or the application of force 

Lower back pain include: Muscle or ligament strain. Repeated heavy lifting or a sudden awkward movement 

A sprain can happen when ligaments in the neck are torn. Stiff muscles and tendons 

Knee pain may be the result of an injury, such as a ruptured ligament or torn cartilage. 


James Kirkpatrick is a degree qualified Sports Therapist (MSc) and Lecturer in Sports Injury and Treatment.

I will help you recover from the pain and improve your range of motion, allowing you to move freely and live a happier, healthier life.

I aim to get you back to work, hobbies, and sport, in the fastest possible time.

Our Sports Injury Clinic Near You

A Specialist Clinic For
Your Unique Treatment

Sports Therapy is focused on injury prevention and enhancing athletic performance. Whilst Physiotherapy is broader that aims to rehabilitate a range of physical issues. 

If you’re an active individual or just need a check-up Sports Therapy at the Recovery Room provides targeted treatment to get you back in the game faster and stronger.

What Clients Say

At The Recovery Room we thrive on our referrals from clients and the results we deliver, here’s what a few of our clients say

Di Mattingly
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James has been my life saver this year. I went to him with sciatica, at a very low ebb having had minimal help from the NHS. He completely understood what I was going through. I was in terrible pain and thought I'd never be able to run again. His advice was invaluable and a great source of comfort, and over the months he has guided me back to running. I cannot recommend him highly enough!
Gabi Cook
Gabi Cook
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I had a niggling ankle injury that kept flaring up over the last couple of years whenever I tried to increase my mileage and most recently it stopped me from running completely. I saw James for a few f2f sessions and a zoom session (due to lockdown) and the whole service was excellent. James did a thorough assessment taking into account previous injuries and came up with a focused treatment plan, adjusting the exercises as needed and also keeping in mind my running goals. I found his instructions clear and the links to the exercises really helpful. He was always friendly and approachable and I can't fault his support. I am now back running pain-free and stronger. Thank you, James!
Phoebe Roberts
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I came to the recovery room as I had been experiencing inside knee pain when running more than 3km. It was not affected by walking or cycling but as a keen runner it was stopping me doing what I loved. James listened to my concerns and understood how important it was for me to get running again. After 3 fortnightly sessions and following the physio plan James built for me I was able to run 15km without any pain. I wouldn’t hesitate to get back in touch if I was injured again. Thank you
Elise Sheppard
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I went to James with a pain in my inner leg above my ankle which was all linked to a knee injury I had sustained about 10 years ago. Over several sessions and 4 months, he helped me build strength, become injury free and become a better runner. The majority of my sessions were on zoom due to lockdown and they were brilliant. I still got great treatment and I came on a lot in the 3 months before I actually went to a face to face session in August. The zoom sessions were easy to follow and he could still provide me with exercises to complete. He was able to still assess my progress and I would definitely recommend the zoom sessions if face to face is not available. I will definitely return to James if I ever sustain an injury again - although I hope I don’t! I would highly recommend James. The exercises he provides are unique and he has great knowledge to help with any issues you are having.
Steven Hulbert
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James is a thoughtful caring guy and always approachable. After sessions he has always sent my exercise plans promptly and responded promptly to any queries. Most importantly, where I have had injuries his recommendations have always helped! I would highly recommend.
Alison Spottiswoode
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I came to James as a woman in her early 60s who thought her running days were over because of a slightly arthritic knee. James gave me a programme of exercises, and to cut a long story short I am now able to run 3 times a week, and take part in my local park run, which I love. This is all down to James' belief in my ability to manage my knee, and the support and encouragement, as well as expert treatment, he has given me along the way.
Neil Sutherland
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I ruptured my knee in April whilst running during lockdown. A few weeks later I developed Baker’s Cyst as fluid from the swollen knee descended into the calf below and to some extent the ankle. I had been referred to James as someone who could help and over the course of six months, this has more than been borne out. He has been most efficient and professional throughout and has an excellent manner, always listening closely in order to prescribe the most appropriate recovery treatment. Each session was followed up with exercise therapies emailed to me that were easy to follow. Today my leg is back to normal and I’m up and about as before. I would have no hesitation in recommending James as a go-to physiotherapist - first class service. Thank you. Neil
Amy Mavin
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I went to James in June with a Gastrocnemius tear and a fear of never getting back to running, which was compounded by the fact that we were well into lockdown! He was able to rehabilitate me via zoom and I am incredibly grateful to him. The online sessions were straight forward and practical, with follow up exercises to build me back up. Now we are in November and I’m running 10k comfortably, albeit in the dark! I have new strategies for building strength and speed to help me progress further. I thoroughly recommend his service and would definitely use online physio again.

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