Playing golf. Young woman playing golf with golf instructor

Golf is a sport that requires technical, physical and mental balance in order to perform at an optimal level.

Long periods of walking and repetitive actions of the golf swing can put strain on the body.

Here are some of the common injuries experienced by golfers:

Golfers elbow- pain on the inside of the elbow due to overload of the tendon
Wrist pain from taking that unexpected divot!
Lower back pain from constant rotation of the lower back
Hip pain from walking or muscle weakness
Calf strain from overuse and walking
Stiffness in the mid back from overuse
Treatment of injuries will sometimes include:

Rest, ice, compression, elevation

Joint mobilisation for the spine and peripheral joints

Exercise rehabilitation to allow your body to cope with the demands of playing golf.

Soft tissue therapy to release any restriction and improve range of motion.

Swing analysis to understand if the faulty technique is a cause of your pain.

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