Shin Splints

Sport injury

With the increase in availability and popularity of long distance running and obstacle events, we more frequently see more people presenting with shin pain. ‘Shin Splints’ as they are widely known, can effect the inside part of the shin (posterior tibialis shin splints) or the front of the shin (tibialis anterior shin splints). Both forms […]

Sports Injury Prevention

Running sport injury. Female athlete jogger wearing pink sneakers touching her twisted or sprained a

Here are some of my favorite exercises for runners, to help improve performance and stay injury-free! Injury can be a frustrating and painful experience. This is something that is a part of the human condition, and one of the insights from being injured is the improvements that can be made after the injury process has […]

Running Tips


Never increase your running distance by more than 10% per week. Be aware of training intensity and terrain that may put extra stress on your body Always warm up (using dynamic stretches) and cool down including (static stretches) using appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. Listen to your body, hydrate properly, take appropriate rest days, […]

Running Gait Analysis

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We assess your running technique, to give you individual feedback and find the best way for you to move: Running injuries are often caused by overuse or misuse. Due to the repetitive nature of running over long distances, certain structures can become more likely to be injured based on how you move. With our biomechanics […]

Prevent Running Injuries

Senior and young sportswoman running

If you are a keen runner, from a complete beginner to a regular competitor, you have come to the right place.  This area has been designed to help runners avoid injury, interact with other runners, and learn to listen to your body while commencing your training. With having a lot of success with treating running-related […]

A Pain in the Calf

Close up of sporty woman suffering from calf pain

Calf pain while running is a common problem reported by runners of all ages and abilities. The repeated movements patterns of the running gait and energy transfers of between 8-12 times body weight, partly explains the stresses that running place on the calf and Achilles area. For less experienced runners, calf pain can be caused […]

Triathlete – Recovery Case Study

Professional triathlete swimming in river's open water

A twenty six year old male triathlete presented with right sided lateral knee pain. Pain was reported on the VAS scale during activity at 9/10, which developed from an ache to a more sharp stinging pain since onset two months ago. No pain was reported at rest (VAS 0/10).  On waking, the right knee feels […]

Running Injury Prevention

Female runner jogging, training on stadium

Running injury prevention and two of the best exercises for glute strengthening When treating running injuries it is important that the runner is capable of withstanding the forces that are being put through the bodies structures and tissues e.g. muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia etc. to prevent future or reoccurring injuries. As running is about putting […]

Common Running Injuries

Run run run.

One of the main reasons for runners presenting in my sports injury clinic is due to training error, this is linked to one of two factors, overuse and misuse.   The body is a very resilient, adaptable and robust structure and has many factors (physical, mental, hormonal, nutritional etc.) involved when adapting to load placed upon […]