Shoulder Injury

Palpating arm

Shoulder injuries in sport are common. The shoulder joints are the most mobile in the body and need to function together correctly to allow a pain-free range of motion. These can be caused by an acute incident or by chronic overuse. Calcific Tendon Shoulder injuries: Shockwave therapy can be used to treat chronic calcific tendon […]

Elbow Injury

Elbow Pain

Elbow injuries Elbow injuries in sport and daily activities are common. The elbow joint can be injured by repetitive racket sports movement or chronic overuse from day to day activities. Tennis Elbow Tennis elbow is a common injury but despite its name affects both the tennis and non tennis playing population. Tennis elbow can be […]

Back Pain

Man having a back pain

When you are in pain, you often guard yourself to protect from further injury.  The protective mechanisms are often exacerbated your symptoms, especially if you are anxious about your injury. We will educate, treat, and rehabilitate your injury to help reduce further episodes of back pain. The initial consultation will involve a full case history […]

Knee Pain

Easing pain in knee area

The knee is a complex structure and essential for everyday life. When you suffer from knee pain it is often difficult to walk and will affect your daily life and sometimes cause back or hip pain from overcompensation. Managing knee pain is important and the joint itself can be injured from overuse, degeneration, and sudden-onset […]

Surfing Injury

Young men surfing in sea

The popularity of surfing has a wide range of estimates ranging between 5 and 28 million surfer’s worldwide (surfline). Due to its recreational nature defining a surfer is difficult causing a wider range of figures. It is estimated that there are 600,000 surfers in the United Kingdom, 40% of which are female and 60% male […]

Tennis Injury

Fit woman tennis player with injury on a clay tennis court

As a former LTA level 4 tennis coach in Salisbury and Southampton areas, I have seen the type of tennis injuries that occur first hand. Many of these are caused by overuse, misuse or muscle imbalances from poor techniques or equipment.  My understanding of tennis techniques and the mechanisms of injury has enabled me to […]

Golf Injury

Playing golf. Young woman playing golf with golf instructor

Golf is a sport that requires technical, physical and mental balance in order to perform at an optimal level. Long periods of walking and repetitive actions of the golf swing can put strain on the body. Here are some of the common injuries experienced by golfers: Golfers elbow- pain on the inside of the elbow […]

Shin Splints

Sport injury

With the increase in availability and popularity of long distance running and obstacle events, we more frequently see more people presenting with shin pain. ‘Shin Splints’ as they are widely known, can effect the inside part of the shin (posterior tibialis shin splints) or the front of the shin (tibialis anterior shin splints). Both forms […]

Sports Injury Prevention

Running sport injury. Female athlete jogger wearing pink sneakers touching her twisted or sprained a

Here are some of my favorite exercises for runners, to help improve performance and stay injury-free! Injury can be a frustrating and painful experience. This is something that is a part of the human condition, and one of the insights from being injured is the improvements that can be made after the injury process has […]

Running Tips


Never increase your running distance by more than 10% per week. Be aware of training intensity and terrain that may put extra stress on your body Always warm up (using dynamic stretches) and cool down including (static stretches) using appropriate clothing for the weather conditions. Listen to your body, hydrate properly, take appropriate rest days, […]